Quantum State Preparation and Spectroscopy

We are fascinated by how we can shape the input and output photon stream in a material in order to probe and manipulate quantum states. We are fascinated by how complex condensed phase and molecular environments can be tuned to preserve quantum coherence, an potentially lead to new quantum technology

Ultra narrow linewidth lanthanide complexes

Yb Complexes with narrow linewidths

The preparation and maintenance of defined quantum states is a prerequisite for achieving quantum-enhancement in sensing and computing. To achieve quantum state preparation one needs to isolate the quantum system; for example by using atoms and simple molecules in in vacuo, or embedded in protective environments (e.g. diamond).  We propose to study optical state preparation and measurement (SPAM) of lanthanide molecular spin qubits.

Photon Interference Spectroscopy

We are using photon correlation and interferometry to explore the emitted photon stream from a material. We believe that we can isolate new information by combining Mach-Zehnder interferometry with visible and shortwave infrared photon counting.

Molecular Optical Cycling Centers

coming soon.