Principle Investigator:

Justin Caram

Email: jcaram[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | Office YH-3077A

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Postdoctoral Scholars:

Dr. Timothy Atallah

Ph.D. in Chemical Physics Columbia University

Email: timothy[dot]atallah[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | YH 3086

I am interested in developing new spectroscopic techniques to study new emerging optoelectronic materials, particularly in the shortwave infrared (SWIR). Leveraging my graduate experience on defects in 2D materials, I focus on defects that emit in the SWIR as they can dominate energy losses in semiconductors but are not well understood. By using the decay associated Fourier spectroscopy (DAFS) we are developing, in conjunction with the superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs) with an ultra-stable custom-built microscope I hope to image and understand defects in materials like, monolayer black phosphorous, MoTe2 and lead halide perovskites. My wife and I like to cook new food, try out new exotic LA restaurants, visit museums, generally exploring LA and to go hiking. Also, I love to play board games: Dominion is one my favorites.

Graduate Students:

Austin Bailey

B.S. in Chemistry , University of Rochester, 2018

Email: austin.bailey[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | YH 3086

I currently investigate the aggregation properties and photophysics of amphiphilic cyanine dyes. I am originally from West Hartford, CT and enjoy arranging music for piano as well as finding new music.

Anu Deshmukh

BS-MS Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-Bhopal, 2016

Email: arundhati[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | YH 3086

My research encompasses the areas of physical and materials chemistry and steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopies. I work with organic cyanine dyes where I make self-assembled aggregates from the dyes, then perform extensive spectroscopies and cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) on the aggregates. The goal is to understand exciton transport in the aggregates using decay-associated Fourier spectroscopy (DAFS) and correlate it to the aggregate structure and morphology obtained from cryoEM. We want to use our knowledge of aggregation to explore novel photophysical properties, particularly, strong absorption and emission in near-infrared and short-wave infrared. I love exploring new places in LA, travelling and cooking.

Leandra Forte

B.A. in Chemistry The College of Wooster, 2017

Email: lforte[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | YH 3086

I aim to develop a more in depth understanding of the coherent excitonic delocalization that occurs in self-assembled aggregates of cyanine dyes. Specifically, I am interested in determining how specific 2D morphologies can lead to states capable of greatly enhanced rates of energy transfer, and how these states can be used to develop novel energy transfer materials in both the visible and near-infrared regimes. Outside of research, I enjoy rock climbing, cooking and baking, and exploring new areas and activities

Hannah Friedman

B.Sc. University of Chicago, 2016

Email: hcfriedman[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | YH 3086

My research focuses on energetics of triplet excitons in oligoacenes, a class of organic semi-conductors. A day in the lab can vary from designing and building quick scan fluorimeter to making and characterizing nanocrystals. When not in the lab, I love exploring both locally and abroad, playing board games, and volunteering with OCDS, QSTEM, nanoscience outreach at UCLA.

Ashley Shin

B.A. Chemistry Washington University in St. Louis 2017

Email: ajshin[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | YH 3086


My research aims to synthesize, handle, and characterize qubit molecular moieties that can bind to surfaces while maintaining their ideal qubit properties.

Anthony Sica

B.S in Chemistry Hofstra Univiersity, 2018

Email: asica[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | YH 3086

I enjoy developing new spectroscopic techniques to study and develop a better understanding of materials. I use decay associated Fourier Spectroscopy (DAFS), that utilizes interferometric methods, paired with superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs) to observe otherwise difficult spectral features in the materials. Alongside DAFS I will build and develop a highly stable microscope that will assist in connecting the spectral properties with localized areas of our materials. I will use this to study materials such as lead-halide perovskites which have potential applications in optoelectronics. In my free time, I enjoy goofing off around Westwood with friends, playing guitar and video games, admiring sloths, and chilling with my sweet cat Nutella.

Xuanheng (TD) Tan

B. S. in Chemistry (2019), University of Science and Technology of China

Email: txh1028[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | YH 3086

My research interest is to synthesize, characterize and develop semiconducting nanomaterials. I am currently working on metal chalcogenide nanoplatelets, a kind of 2D nanomaterials which possess the potential to be applied in electronic devices. In my free time, I enjoy playing videos games and watching movies.

Stephanie Tenney

B.A. in Chemistry (2018), Johns Hopkins University

Email: stenney[at]chem[dot]ucla[dot]edu | YH 3086

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My research studies synthesis, characterization, and optical properties of 2D semiconductor nanocrystals. Specifically, I study metal chalcogenides with absorption and emission in the SWIR. In my free time I enjoy painting, gardening, reading, and hiking


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Azmain Hossain

Jonathan Hui

Ray Huang

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Group Alumni

Undergraduate Alumni, Current Affiliation

Danielle Koppel, HRL Labs, Malibu

Danielle Cadena, University of Texas at Austin

Zack Ferrin, UCLA

Visiting Students, Current Affiliation

Niklas Geue

Victoria Vilchez, Imperial College London

Xingyu Shen, Peking University

Yongjia He, Wuhan University

Chengye Huang, Imperial College London

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