Starting a Research Lab

2017: Taking Stock

An the end of 2016, I had not yet interviewed at UCLA.

Now: Lab: 1 office (with carpet!).  1 Temp lab space (2 hoods, floating laser table).  1 partially renovated lab, and plans on a beautiful optical space downstairs, and student office space.

Personnel: 2 students, 1 postdoc and 3 undergraduates working with me.

Equipment:  4 lasers (diodes), a uv-vis, centrifuge, fluorimeter, APDs, SNSPDs, piezo stages, cryostat, turbopump (and a whole bunch of smaller stuff not worth mentioning).

Papers submitted: 0, but hopefully more coming!

Grants submitted: 4 (with 2 more on the horizon). 1 rejection, all others pending

Graduate student applications reviewed:  50-60

In short, a lot can happen in a year…