Short-Wavelength Infrared Spectroscopy and Materials


The short-wave infrared (SWIR or NIR II), is the sparse spectral region from 1-2 microns, red of most electronic transitions, yet blue of many infrared active molecular vibrations (except C-H and O-H overtone combination bands). While the primary use of the SWIR has been in fiber-optic communications, recent research has realized its potential in deep tissue imaging, biometric identification, satellite telemetry for weather and plant cover, and pedestrian imaging for self-driving cars.  My group will develop a spectroscopic effort focused on chemistry and materials in the SWIR, enabled by superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs). We will focus on three areas:

1) Energetics and temporal properties of triplet phosphorescence in singlet fission

2) Spectral and spatial character of low energy defect states in nanocrystal films, and

3) Direct excitation and imaging of singlet oxygen.