Research Progress


425 nm laser exciting Yb complex.


Art depicting a surface functionalized with optical cycling centers by Ashley and Changling.
MCD detector


Fluorescence in J-Aggregates!
Aggregates prepared under different conditions…
Some Cy5-Ph solutions put into a sugar matrix
Interference with the SWIR and Visible emission

Our first interference in the SWIR using the SNSPDs
Stephanie Tenney’s Nanoplatelets! On the left is CdTe and on the right is CdSe
Some CdSe Nanoplatelets TEM by Anu and made by Victoria Vilchez
Getting into TIPS-Pentacene Synthesis! Made by Leandra Forte
Collecting emission from Rubrene
CryoEM of light harvesting nanotubes made by Danielle Cadena taken by Anu
Custom made DAQ made by Yaniv Kahrobai
IMG-0602 (1)
Danielle Koppel presents her simulations at the undergraduate symposium.
IMG-0593 (1)
Danielle Cadena shows off her research at the undergraduate symposium.
Lifetime Data on PbS Quantum Dots using our SNSPDs

2017: Taking Stock

An the end of 2016, I had not yet interviewed at UCLA.

Now: Lab: 1 office (with carpet!).  1 Temp lab space (2 hoods, floating laser table).  1 partially renovated lab, and plans on a beautiful optical space downstairs, and student office space.

Personnel: 2 students, 1 postdoc and 3 undergraduates working with me.

Equipment:  4 lasers (diodes), a uv-vis, centrifuge, fluorimeter, APDs, SNSPDs, piezo stages, cryostat, turbopump (and a whole bunch of smaller stuff not worth mentioning).

Papers submitted: 0, but hopefully more coming!

Grants submitted: 4 (with 2 more on the horizon). 1 rejection, all others pending

Graduate student applications reviewed:  50-60

Transparent Si Imaged in the SWIR
PbS QDs glow in the SWIR
Rubrene grows beautiful long crystals
Crystal Yield. Lots of hard work by our postdoc Tim!

Building the Lab in 2017

Our Cryostat with a custom sample holder  for molecular aggregate samples

We make custom adaptors for our APDs
Hannah set up our Schlenk Line. Ready to start making quantum dots!