Group Announcements

1/10/2018 Danielle Cadena is a recipient of research support from the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (URFP)  She will be working with us on making growing new aggregates and crystals!  Congrats Danielle!

1/2/2018 Chemical and Engineering News featured some of our work on their photoblog Chemistry in Pictures


11/22/2017 Work from Justin’s postdoctoral research was recently published in Nano Letters!  Congratulations Francesca and coworkers!

11/7/2017- Justin is now a member of the California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI)!  We look forward to working in the institute on imaging questions. cnsi

11/5/2017 – Caram group members participate in UCLA’s Explore your universe event, showing off the absorption and emission of everyday items. 20171105_140628

10/2/2017 – Justin presents/conducts research at the European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy.  We would like to thank the LASERLAB Europe for their support, and look forward to continued collaboration!

9/1/2017 – The Caram Group is excited to welcome Dr. Timothy Atallah as a postdoctoral researcher.  Tim joins us from Columbia University, where he did his PhD under Professor X-. Y-. Zhu.

8/23/2017 – Justin presents in the COLL section of the American Chemical Society on “Understanding and Manipulating QD photoluminescence linewidths.”

8/15/2017 – Maly Cosco (graduate student in Sletten group) has published her paper “Flavylium polymethine fluorophores for imaging in the near- and shortwave infrared.”  Justin contributed imaging and spectroscopy expertise.  Congrats Maly!

7/25/2017 – Justin is selected from the Photochemistry GRC poster session to present his his research on “Pathologically Coherent Molecular Excitons.”

7/5/2017 – Lab opens!  We are excited to welcome Graduate Students Anu Deshmukh and Hannah Friedman and undergraduate Danielle Koppel as student researchers!Copy of DSC_1536.jpg